Event: John Holten in conversation about The Readymades

On Thursday night from 7pm I’ll be in conversation  with John Holten about his debut novel, The Readymades. The event takes place at the Pygmalion bar on South William Street, Dublin. From The Readymades’ Facebook page: ‘Holten has expanded the scope of the contemporary novel’ — Brian Dillon To mark the first Irish presentation of […]

An aversion to experimentalism

Poet Christodolous Makris on Irish writing: “It seems I’m happier writing away from, rather than towards, something. I arrived here at the height of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ and therefore into an awful lot of smugness, which didn’t mix well with the country’s inherent parochialism and insularity. The smugness seems well and truly smashed now… A […]

This evening in Berlin, a new literary journal will be launched. Titled The Kakofonie, and edited by John Holten, the contributors come from Italy, Germany, Ireland, the USA and Denmark. In the first issue, American cruciverbalist Charlie Stadtlander provides a crossword puzzle, French-based Irish artist John Lalor provides a textual exploration of notions of the […]

Laura’s started a blog about caricatures, looking at contemporary chaps what draw (Steve Bell, for example) and auld fellas from years ago (Daumier, for one). Expect a post on why noted pioneer of photography, Nadar, was also an underrated cartoonist, and other engaging tales from mid-19th century Paris. Read her blog here.

Last night myself and Laura went to see David Byrne in Dublin’s National Concert Hall. It was a quite brilliant show – drawing on Byrne’s work with Brian Eno, but transcending the fashionable concept of clapped out artists retreading classic albums in the name of nostalgia. First of all, it was a real spactacle: the […]

Last week, a knock on my door signalled the arrival of a book I’ve been expecting for some time: the grandly titled ‘Has Man a Function in Universe?’, part of a series of books, curated by artist Gavin Wade, based on the Strategic Questions asked by Buckminster Fuller, who said: It is my working assumption […]

The Nobel prize for literature has been awarded to French novelist Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio. Fair play, etc. What caught my attention was the statement from the Swedish Academy: As a young writer in the aftermath of existentialism and the nouveau roman, he was a conjurer who tried to lift words above the degenerate state […]