I’m eagerly anticipating the publication of the first issue of Gorse, a new twice-yearly print journal that will publish longform literary essays, original fiction and interviews. It’s out in January, which is now only a day away. The editors of Gorse, Susan Tomaselli and David Gavan, have recently revealed the cover design of the first […]

Where am I and what am I doing? Writing about Parisian geography

My essay on Georges Perec, the Situationists and Parisian geography appears in the third issue of the White Review, published this week. I stood near the columbarium at Père Lachaise cemetery. I was there to see the locker-like vault containing the ashes of Georges Perec, kept alongside those of his aunt, Esther Bienenfeld. To the […]

Event: John Holten in conversation about The Readymades

On Thursday night from 7pm I’ll be in conversation  with John Holten about his debut novel, The Readymades. The event takes place at the Pygmalion bar on South William Street, Dublin. From The Readymades’ Facebook page: ‘Holten has expanded the scope of the contemporary novel’ — Brian Dillon To mark the first Irish presentation of […]

Half-man, half-typewriter

Myles na gCopaleen on his friend Remington, a man whose bones were replaced with typewriter parts: “Remington I knew well. He had the whole of his insides taken out of him, bones and all, when he was a lad – he was suffering from diffused chrythromelalgia – and had new bones made for him out […]

The City’s Edge: Dublin in Fragments 2

It’s hard to believe how important Tallaght was to the historical development of Dublin city – at least it was hard to believe something like that when I grew up there. Nowhere seemed further from the dense, decaying streets of the city centre in the 1980s than Tallaght, with its vast and oppressive open spaces […]


Just back from Berlin, where I wandered around staring goggle-eyed at the truly strange landscape of meticulously reconstructed 18th Century buildings and the postwar apartment blocks that line the streets of both East and West. Because I spent a day at a conference in the Schloss Charlottenburg, I didn’t get a chance to see as […]

This evening in Berlin, a new literary journal will be launched. Titled The Kakofonie, and edited by John Holten, the contributors come from Italy, Germany, Ireland, the USA and Denmark. In the first issue, American cruciverbalist Charlie Stadtlander provides a crossword puzzle, French-based Irish artist John Lalor provides a textual exploration of notions of the […]