Crosswords, lightly thrown

I’ve written a short piece about Georges Perec for 3:AM Magazine here. It’s the first time I’ve sat down to write anything about Perec since finishing my PhD, and I really enjoyed dipping in again to Perec’s novels and writings, which are often gleefully playful. My article gives a brief overview of Perec’s major writings, […]

This evening in Berlin, a new literary journal will be launched. Titled The Kakofonie, and edited by John Holten, the contributors come from Italy, Germany, Ireland, the USA and Denmark. In the first issue, American cruciverbalist Charlie Stadtlander provides a crossword puzzle, French-based Irish artist John Lalor provides a textual exploration of notions of the […]

Reading Owen Hatherley‘s enjoyable and timely polemic Militant Modernism, I came across this critique of the work of Alain de Botton: Perhaps the most irksome of Ikea Modernism’s products was Channel 4’s The Perfect Home, presented by Alain de Botton, promoting his The Architecture of Happiness. Perambulating about the place with an expression of casual […]