Charles Dickens, George Sala and the Coombe

Charles Dickens didn’t write the description of Dublin’s Coombe that’s often attributed to him. Instead, in 1853, he dispatched George Sala, a journalist for Dickens’s Household Words, who found in the area: an almost indescribable aspect of dirt and confusion, semi-continental picturesqueness, shabbiness – less the shabbiness of dirt than that of untidiness – over-population, […]

John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants does an interview with Gothamist here, ahead of the band’s new album, The Else. “You both reside in Brooklyn but in different neighborhoods, isn’t that right? Please name one or two things that make you feel a little jealous of the other John’s neighborhood.Park Slope has real trees […]

CalifarnhamWas at Joe’s birthday on Saturday night in a large pub back up in Rathfarnham. Talk about American-style, bling obsessed surroundings. Was it my imagination or did the display case outside the bathrooms contain bottles of Brut and Cristal champagne? And did the car park have a bunch of characters cruising around playing booming music […]